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Sorry that is my bad I was editing stuff on it I will stay off it for now.

Thanks Lester, You please carry on your work, I am a slow runner, will take time to absorb things.

Hey Lester, You are a genius man, it’s working flawlessly on my site now.
Hats off to you, I have been struggling with this for past 6 days (& nights too)
Thanks a ton…

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Hi Lester,
Hope all’s well.
The workflow that you suggested above is working great but there is one issue that has cropped up.

When you do a ‘Reject Jobs add Parent Groups job’, it puts the job in a permanent reject state and when the same job is being reassigned it does not get assigned because it is in reject list…
Same is for Accepted jobs, it does not get assigned because it is already in accepted state.
How do we overcome this?

I tried several things like ‘Rejected jobs clear list’, ‘Add a pause before next action’, Even tried to create a new ‘Thing’ to save all information and clear list in rest of the data, but nothing works.

It works fine when run in test app because in test app the unique id of the same job changes every time, and every time it is a ‘new job’ with the same name.


But my data of job type have a stationary unique id.


And once it is put in reject list it doesn’t show up again.
Can you suggest something?

Are the users going to be making a new job every time or are you using the same jobs over again?

I am using the same jobs over again.
In the entire setup there is only the ‘bookings’ that will be unique every time.
I tried ‘Reject Jobs add Parent Groups bookings’ but when the first user rejects this booking it gets rejected for all.

I think, even though it is the same type of job all the time, it would be the easiest to just create a new job every time.

I understand what you mean, but in this case I am not creating new jobs, infact there are certain jobs that are already in the database and a service provider has to select his type of job from that.

So my database is setup like this:
Admin> Creates job types (Jobs once created are stationary)
Service provider> Selects from already created jobs (As per his expertise)
Customer> Selects jobs as per his requirement and books it.
Booking> Searches for nearest service provider who does that job.

Creating a new job every time will not be possible, there will be hundreds of jobs everyday and I would also not know what job would be required by which customer and when?

Ok, I think instead of displaying the job data to the service provider display the booking data.

When a customer creates a new job you would make a new booking then tie the type of job to the booking and the date of the booking. Then the service provider can accept or reject the booking.

Hope this make sense. Let me know if have more questions.

Hi Lester,
I have tried everything I possibly could but miserably failed.

The expression ‘Search for users first item’ > Available=Yes does great when run separately in a test app but slips when run in my app, to provide the Available=Yes status to the (user) service provider I have to make changes to the (user) service provider in the admin panel, and when admin panel makes status=available the expression changes admins status to Available=Yes.

I tried making changes to service provider instead of user but then some expressions fall short and show error in red.

On the basis of your earlier guidance I have created a test app (Sharing the link) but those rules don’t fulfill my apps requirement.

I am also sharing link of my apps editor, it’s a humble request to kindly provide some insights (or makes changes if possible) how to delegate jobs to service providers based on their location (distance from jobs address and Service providers job type)

This is my first app and my most ambitious project, I want to launch it in market place as soon as possible, and I am living with this thought since last month but am not able to move ahead of this bottleneck.

Hey sorry for the delay. I will take a look at it tomorrow.

I made a basic app that I think works pretty much the way you are looking for. You can look at this and replicate it and if you need more info or have questions just let me know. Here you can log in as different users to see how it works and here is the link to the editor

Hope this gets you moving forward the way you want.

Hi Lester,
Can you suggest me how to replicate this workflow while working in groups (not in pages). I am making a native app which needs all the sections to be in groups on a single page.
You had suggested me the workflow earlier and it was working perfectly, but that was on a website app with different pages for customers and service providers.

These workflows and everything should work the same in groups on the same pages.

Hi Lester,
It’s working fine, thanks a ton.

That’s great. Let me know if you need any more help.

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