Repeater group only repeating the same number of times as how many items I have in data table

My apologies if the title is worded weird.

I’ve created a data table of food and drink items.

I’ve created a 3x4 repeater group. I want each element (or repeat) to have a dropdown where I can select drinks and meal from said data tables. The problem I’m facing is I have 6 items in my meals table, and the the RG is only repeating 6 times. I want 12 repeats to show the food and drink options. Screenshots attached.

What I see in design mode:

What I see in preview mode:

What my data table of meal items looks like:

If you’re only loading 6 items into the RG then of course only 6 items will show…

To do what you’re trying to do there a a few options…

The simplest way is just to make sure there are 12 items in the database (this is what I’d recommend).

Alternatively, you can set the RG to show a list of numbers, generate a list (of 12 numbers) and use that as the datasource, and then display your things inside each cell (probably load them into a custom state, or a hidden RG, and refer to the item# by cell index) - that’s a lot more complicated though.

This worked! I just created a new field in the table and called it something like ‘ID’ and numbered the food items 1 - 6 and then created 6 more dummy entries up to 12 and it worked. Thank you for your response.

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