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Repeating cards with buttons to scroll left/right?

I want to add repeating cards with buttons to scroll left or right, similar to the one given below.
I am new to bubble so not sure if already there’s a way.

Thanks in advance!

Hey welcome to Bubble :slight_smile:
The way I would do this would be to have a repeating group set up with a single line and 4 columns and scrolling set as horizontal.
Then within it you should have a group called card that would contain all the elements ie : image, price …
For it to work you would need to have created your bids somewhere and you set as a source of your repeating group "do search for all Bids "

I’m not sure if you can have the buttons to navigate but the horizontal scroll should be visible so I’ll let someone else answer this !

Hey, Thanks for the solution.

I was able to find how to scroll using a button on the forum. This is the link to it

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