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Repeating group - add template lists

I am making a project management software app -Part of it uses a similar set up to Trello, with a board, lists with customisable names and task cards that can be dragged and dropped within it.

I currently have it set up so that when a user creates a new board the page is empty and a user can add as many custom named lists as they want.

I would like to add some initial structure to the board/lists. Is there a way to include multiple lists that appear on the page as it loads (like a template), but users still have the option to add new lists too. I would like users to have a set list structure initially (like a template) but still have the flexibility to customise it as well.

The lists are currently set up with a repeating group, and the tasks are another repeating group within the larger one.

Any help would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:

Probably the easiest thing to do is to adjust the workflow which is used to create a board, to include a step for creation of a list. Another option would be to create one or more template lists and using the workflow step “Copy a list of things…” and “Make changes to a list of things” assign those template list(s) to the new board everytime one is created.

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