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Repeating Group Advice

Hey all,

Probably something silly I am missing here but…

I am trying to implement a repeating group that has around 30 items but I want the to display on a single row repeating group with a left and right arrow to navigate with only 7 items on the page at one time.

I have set this up and it’s working perfect with a Fixed Cell group and Page Forward and Backward actions however I need to scroll to one of the items on page load.

Unfortunately scroll to doesn’t work on fixed cell groups and page forward and backward doesn’t work on a Full List.

I can do a computation and goto page number on the repeating group but this fails when the screen is made smaller and there is no longer 7 cells on the screen.

Doing a count of the repeating group seams to return the full list.

Any ideas, surely this has been done before…

Thanks in Advance Chad