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Repeating group and unique cell inputs Help!


When a user logs in, the user clicks to join a team from a repeating group according to the following workflow:

“WHEN Text Team: Current cell’s team is clicked” -> “Make changes to current user (Team=Current cell’s team’s name)” -> “Make changes to Current cell’s Team (Members add Current User’s Username)”

And this works just fine. (I made the field “Members” to a List of things, since there will be many members)

My problem comes later. On the team’s page I want to display the members’ usernames.
I made a Repeating Group with the dynamic input “Current Page’s Team’s Members”, and then I get all the members of the team lined up one after another, in each cell.

My question is how I can arrange the input so that each member gets put in their own cell? Is it a condition I need to put in?

Hi. I didn’t see your application, so, it’s just an assumption.
On the team’s page the type of content of your Repeating Group must be Member, not Team.
And Data source is a search for Members who is in the Current Page’s Team’s Members list (or where User’s Team is Current Page’s Team).

Pay attention that Current Page’s Team’s Members is just one variable (it is a list, but it is still one variable, so repeating group do not iterate this list).

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I get this

When i want this:

Could you, please, show the settings of Repeating groups. And Data source search condition?

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These are the settings for the repeating group, have no conditional settings

I think you have to follow my advice: Repeating group and unique cell inputs Help!

Type of content = Member

Data source = Search for Member

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