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Looking to have a search in a RG. That works fine. RG works as it says on the can. I have a field called hits in the cell/current User for that row. I would love to be able to increment the hits counter every time a row appears in the RG. I have looked at workflows, but can’t seem to find one for a RG. Would be something like an after change event. Any pointers please?

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Sounds like you’re just wanting to modify a value in the database (your counter). So, what triggers a new row? Whatever creates the new row would also make a change to the hits field. Feel free to share a link to your editor if that would help explain!

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Yes, you are correct. I could of course do with a button on each row, but wanted to make it a little more invisible. The row would already be created. Let us say you search for the word “Car”. Three records appear in a repeating group. I would like these three records to automatically (just for the sole reason that they showed up in the repeating group have their hit counter incremented.
I could run a double search and increment the counter as part of that search, but wanted to reduce the impact, i.e. a double search.
This is a “nice to have” and I appreciate any and all input from the forum. BTW great emails from your Bubble Coaching site! Good read.

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Hey Kyle,

Glad you’re enjoying the CB resources :slight_smile:

Ok, so based on your example (let’s say your records are Companies), you could do:

When Search is clicked > Make a change to a list of Companies: Set the type to Company, List to change is Repeating Group’s List of Companies > Counter field = This Company’s Counter + 1

And voilla! That’ll do it. Thank you for that. It’ll do the job.

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