Repeating group based on link click

Hi there, I am creating a menu app for a group of restaurants.

One of the pages is for the customer to select what menu they want to view. This is a page of images that are dynamic based on what each restaurant decides to name their menus. So I created a type called “Menu Types” with positions 1,2,3 etc as one of the fields.

Each menu type has a name which corresponds to a “Course” on a Menu.

So for example, one restaurant may have position 1 as “Starters” and another may call them “Appetisers” and Position 2 might be “Main Course” or it might be a “Burger Menu”.

I want the end user to click the appropriate menu which then goes to a single page with a dynamic repeating group on. The following image is the second page. I want the data source to be Food Menu with constraint “Course={whatever they click on page 1}”

I can’t for the life of me work out how to get the repeating group just to show the menu that the end user is expecting.

To recap:

Page 1 has dynamic images of different course types
Page 2 has repeating group which shows the actual menu the customer is expecting

How do I get the data on Page 2 to reflect the user’s selection from Page 1?

Hey @rhyspedrick

Assuming you have a data type Menu, your Page 2 should be of type Menu.
Then you could simply run a Go to Page workflow Action when User clicks on a menu on Page 1, where you send Current cell’s Menu as data.

Page 2 will then get the data for that menu only. Your RG’s data source would then be Current Page’s Menu’s items

Hope that helps