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Repeating group best practices - SOLVED

I am using a repeating group to display a list of things. An ID number is entered into an input field and the “pull” button is clicked. This starts a work flow does a search for all things with ref=ID number.

It is blank at open, GOOD

If a correct reference is entered the result is as required, GOOD

If random numbers (“11” or “000”) are entered that DO NOT correspond with a real reference ID, ALL the things in the database are returned. BAD

Can I include an error step where if there is no match for the ID an error is displayed?

Unfortunately I am working with live proprietary user data so I can’t share actual data.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

Hello! Yes, here’s one way to do this:

You could set conditional workflows: When Pull is clicked and search for things ID contains the input, proceed as normal. Then a 2nd workflow, when Pull is clicked and search for things ID doesn’t contain > hide RG > Show Alert.

The alert itself can be an alert element or just a hidden text that you show when an ID doesn’t match.

Gaby | Coaching Bubble

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Thanks Gaby! I won’t get to try this until Monday but certainly sounds like it will work well. Might try it in reverse with the RG hidden and only show if…to avoid the possible data flash. I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!

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Hi Gaby,

You certainly got me headed in the right direction. This is where I ended up and it works great:


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