Repeating group borders


I have a repeating group with borders defined as below. When there is an even number of items displayed all is good, but when it’s an odd number the borders of the individual cells are missing. Can anyone advise how I can rectify this please?

Borders definition:

Even number of items - all looks good.

Odd number of items - borders missing.

Haven’t seen that before. I can see why Bubble would do that. But I think it’s worth classifying it as a bug. (Ideally, Bubble would give the borders to all cells).

Regardless, I might recommend a different visual when it’s possible to have an “empty” space in a repeating group matrix. (Ie. have a border for the repeating group itself, but do not use a separator. Rather/or, group all of the contents in the cell in a group and apply a border around that).

There are a few “hacks” - like @vlad’s Bubble Hack: How to create a tile repeating group with an option to add a new item inclusion of an item on the end of a list…In this case, you would only apply it when the number of results is an odd number).

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

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Hi Dan,

Good idea re applying the border to a group, thanks for that.


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Of course, glad that helped!

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