Repeating Group: Bug in the list update when TransitionOut?

Dear Bubble experts,

I have a Repeating Group that user scrolls down (a vertical list of cards - see below)) and I’m using a Swipe Plugin (Right to select a card and Left to unselect a card). The Swipe Plugin triggers the workflows and it’s working fine. (the ZEROCODE SWIPE PLUGIN one)

BUT… When I ANIMATE the card in the Workflow to create a sensation of Swipe (Transition-BounceLeft-Out or Transition-BounceLeft-In) the CARD moves on the Left, disappears but it leaves a blank space … Which is not good and makes the Swipe irrelevant.

It looks like the remaining cards in the Repeating Group list DO NOT fill the blank, or
it looks like, there is a bug as the cards below (the one which has been Transition-BounceLeft-Out) moves up in real time and replaces each of them … except the card which has been Transition-BounceLeft-Out. (*)

I have tried with other animations and it’s the same … Is it a bug in Bubble or a wrong parameter ?
How can I solve this issue?

(*) I have talked with the ZEROCODE support team (very efficient by the way) and they confirm it comes from a bug in the Repeating Group display.

Thanks for your efficient support.
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Hello Gentle(wo)men

Any ideas or suggestions on this question? Have you been confronted to this BLANK in a repeating Group list when we TransitionLeftOut or SwipeOut an element?

Is it a bug in the Repeating Group feature ?

Thanks in advance for your support.
Best Regards

Hi @3whiteshirts :slight_smile: What are the other actions that occur when swiping one of the groups? Does the repeating group’s data source exclude those items that have been swiped out?

For example, if the Repeating Group’s data source does a “Search for Cards” (with the constraint: Swiped = no), and the swipe out action changes the value of a cell’s Card to “Swiped = yes”, the swiped cards would no longer be part of the data source since they no longer meet the “Swiped = no” constraint, and the “Swiped = yes” cells shouldn’t be shown anymore. Glad to take a look at your app if that’s helpful!

@fayewatson… YES of course, the Repeating Group Data Source “Do a Search” includes this constraint (*) and when the user Swipe Left, the card does not show up any more.

(*) Otherwise I would not bother the forum with such question :slight_smile: LOL

So YES when the user Swipe Left, the item disappear from the Repeating Group and the next Card replaces the one missing. BUT …

BUT … When I add the ANIMATE (TransitionSlide Left for example ) in the workflow to simulate a SWIPE LEFT, the card disappear from the Repeating Group BUT … leaves a BLANK in the list…

This is the sense of my question… How can I have this BLANK removed when I animate the element?

@3whiteshirts Got it! :slight_smile: I just recreated that setup in a test app and I’m pretty sure this is a Bubble bug. Though it looks like the card is leaving a blank space, that blank space is actually the next, unswiped cell item (without the Group element that was swiped and became hidden in the first cell).

In summary, when the swiped Group element becomes hidden using the Transition Out animation, that cell is successfully removed from the list, but the next cell’s Group that wasn’t swiped, also becomes hidden but isn’t removed from the list (which is unintended behavior). The empty space you see is that cell item without its Group element inside the cell.

In this example, there are two elements in each cell (the Group that is swiped, and another text element outside of the swiped Group):



When one Group is swiped, two Groups become hidden (the current cell, and the next cell):

Since you should be able to to use the animation action without animating the other cells in the repeating group, I would submit this as a bug to Bubble:

I tried to find a workaround but it looks like there aren’t really any that work well. Please let me know if I can clarify anything or if you have any questions! :slight_smile:

Thanks @fayewatson for having took time to better describe the issue / bug and make this GIF.

I’m glad you confirmed that this is a BUG because I felt a bit “simple-minded” about this problem and thought it came from my limited understanding of Bubble.

I have submitted the BUG into BUBBLE form.

Looking forward to see Bubble’s team support reactivity… Hopefully and most likely very soon :slight_smile:
Have a good day

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No problem at all @3whiteshirts! :slight_smile: I totally understand-- it is difficult to tell what is a bug and what’s an error with the workflows, especially with a confusing bug like this one! Thank you for sending that report!

Hello Bubble team…
Any news or tentative ETA for this bug resolution?
[Bubble] Bug report #5382
Thanks for your answer.
Best regards

There’s unlikely to be a resolution to this particular bug. What you are experiencing is the general issue described below and has nothing to do with repeating group or the first item in the group or any of that… It’s about the animation library and/or Bubble’s implementation of that library.

Yes, I’ve seen this bug several times… I just stopped using animations with repeating groups. Pity!

@3whiteshirts We can confirm this behavior. Our engineering team will investigate this.

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