Repeating group but different external links when image is clicked

Hello, yet again,

I would like to open different websites when my subscribers click an image in my repeating group.
How do I add the different links in my data?
And do I have to set a workflow or something to add the “when the image is clicked, a website will open depending on what link is in the data set”

Thank you :slight_smile:

What is the datasource of your repeating group?

Create a new datatype with two fields, image as image and URL as text. On repeating group search for the datatype. and show the current cell image. Put a workflow when the image is clicked, open an external website action and the URL will be dynamic, parent group datatype name’s URL.

I don’t understand how to make two fields? It seems like I can only make one field or a list ?

My repeating group contains many different types of data since it is a christmas calendar with both images, text and video.
Does it make sense ?
Or could you specify what you mean ?

I got it! Thank you for your help <3

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