Repeating Group can't find and auto deletions

Hi there,

I can’t explain this, so it might be a bug?

I want to verify a code that is sent to the User’s mobile number. I’m using Twilio for this and I receive the SMS with the code, and a Verification is created at the backend, with the correct codes showing.

But when I’ve entered the correct code into the field, the Verify button does nothing as it can’t ‘find’ the verification. I inserted a simple RG (Search for Verifications) to see what was happening, and the newly-created Verification just disappears (see the video)!

Also, in the Data Tab, I have at least 20 Verifications, and the RG shows none of them. And weirdly, if I use the Debugger and go step-by-step, then the verification does not disappear and the next workflow runs.

I’ve checked for auto-binding and random ‘Delete’ actions but can’t find anything. And I’m sure this was working for me before.

Any ideas??


Hi @mccjon :slight_smile: I’m sure you’ve probably already thought of this but just incase, have you checked to see if it’s a privacy roles issue? I experienced similar behavior recently and could not figure out what was happening – but it turned out to be a privacy roles issue. Did you double-check that the account you’re logged into has permission to view the Verification data type?

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@fayewatson, you are an absolute hero! That’s exactly what it was! I wanted to secure the Verifications but didn’t have anything that allowed the Current User to see it.

Thanks so so much! :smiley:

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Ah! So glad to hear that fixed it!! No problem at all, @mccjon! :smiley:

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