Repeating group clone

Hello! I’m trying to extract information from here to create this repeating group.

I’m struggling with a few things:
-How do I create the numbered order?
Screenshot 2021-05-08 at 13.08.58
I looked everywhere I could and I can’t find the solution. I know it must be very simple but I’m just not getting it.
-I’ve extracted the information from the API but I cannot show just one crime type per row like in this picture. Instead the full list of crime types come up:

  • Also, where is the information for the count? I looked into every API on and I cannot find the crime count to add in the Count area.

Hope you can help me.
Thank you so much!

For the numbers you can just use current cell's index

For the text, you only want to show the current cell’s item (currently you’re loading the full list into every cell).

Having looked at the API you’ve linked to, it doesn’t appear that they provide the count for the crimes in the response.

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