Repeating group color date


I have a repeating group list where data is shown. like date and name.

Currently there is a different color for every cell.

I would like to have the same color for the same day.
So for example: All the cells(rows) that have 1-1-2022 should have the same color.
2-1-2022 should have a different color in order of the above color scheme.


So here is one way you could do it.
For each cell, you can check if any of the above cells in the list have the same date (of course you can also compare other fields).

  1. Create a group (“group index-1”) within the repeating group with the type number and the value current cell’s index -1.
  2. Now you can create a condition like this, to see if any of the cells above share the same date.
    Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 13.15.34
  3. Set your colour (in order to make this happen, you probably should save the colour code in the db or as an option set)

There are other ways, but this is one of them I guess

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Thanks a lot!!!
I will give it a try.

You may create a repeating group (size 1x1) ex: Repeating Group COLOR and group your other Repeating group by date:
Repeating Group COLOR’s Data source → Repeating Group’s grouped (by date)

then in the conditions you can put:
when current cell’s date is Repeating Group COLOR’s date:item#1 → one color
when current cell’s date is Repeating Group COLOR’s date:item#2 → another color

Thanks for this interesting information!

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