Repeating Group Constraining Problem

Having an issue with constraining data on my repeating group a certain way. So here are my two tables along with the fields in them:

Table - Ledger
Amount - Number
Description - Text
Category - Category
IncorExp- Type

Table - IncorExp
IncorExp - Text

My repeating group is set up to display all of the data from the Ledger table. I want to constrain the table to only show rows of data where the IncorExp = “Income.” I can’t do this under the current set up.

I fixed it, but my fix seems like a bad work-around. I fixed it by creating another Field in the Ledger table named IncorExp2 of type Text. Then I manually updated a few of the rows IncorExp2 column with either “Income” or “Expense”. Doing that made it so that I could constrain the table with IncorExp2 = “Income” as a constraint. Again, seems like a bad work-around. With my original set up, is there a way to constrain it so that IncorExp = “Income”?

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