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Repeating group constraints

I’m building an art recommendations app. So I want to show images that match a user’s taste.

To do this, I’m using a repeating group with an image in it, plus a text box that’s calculating real-time whether this a 90% match, a 3% match, etc.

However, I want my repeating group to only show art that’s a 70% match & above, but I cant use the text box calculations as a constraint in the reapeating group’s search for users.

Is there a way I can constrain or sort my repeating group, based on content in the repeating group? If not, is there another way you recommend I structure this?

Have you tried adding a filter after the list? Fundamentally, i think your issue is that the % is not in the database right? How are you calculating it in the text box though? Sounds like you should be able to make the same calculation as the constraints level, either in the search or in a filter after.