Repeating group - control each button row independently


I’m using a repeating group to display on each row one item of a database list field.
My user have a friends database field which count the number of referall he made.

My database scheme :
LIST OF COURSES → Title, video link, password…

On each repeating group row, i display the title of one course and a button to got to the course page to see the video.

I’d like to enable or unable the button of each repeating group row independently.
Example :

  • if my current user friend database field > 3, the button of row #1 is enable
  • if my current user friend database field > 6, the button of row #2 is enable

The thing is, when i try to use conditions on my button in the repeating group, it applies to all buttons of the repeating group.
What should i try ?

What conditions have you tried using on the button?

What’s the source of the RG? Let me assume a couple of things:

The RG’s source is this user's List of Courses.
The page’s type is User and the source is the current user.

Then inside the RG you could put a defaulted to invisible button with a visibility condition if this user's list of referrals: count > 3 for the first button.
The 2nd would be if this user's list of referrals: count > 6.

@adamhholmes thanks.
for example tried to apply “current index is 1 and friends < 3” to toggle the visibility of the second button (this button is not clickable)
the problem is, i can’t control each button clickability based on their index row.

@rico.trevisan thanks for your answer.
so, the only solution is to have multiple buttons on each row ? sounds weird but it might works :slight_smile:

Is not the only solution but a quick one to explain.

Current index refers to the row number. I don’t think this is what you want to use.

It might be useful to share some screenshots or a video of what you’re trying to do.

I might not understand exactly what you are trying to do here, @theo.voglimacci1, but after reading your question, I wanted to see if I could control the clickability of a button in a repeating group based on a number in a field and a row in a repeating group, and these conditions seem to produce the desired result (with the button disabled by default)…

Is that what you are trying to do?


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