Repeating Group - Crumbs

We have a Sports App that tracks games for people you follow, but I’m having trouble on the set up. I can easily use a Repeating Group to list all the games with this Data Source…

  • Current User - List of Players - List of Seasons - List of Games

… but I can’t figure out how to show which Player each Game belongs to. Instead it just gives me all the games in one big list.

Is there a way to show a Cookie Crumb in a Repeating Group so that I could show which Season a Game was part of and which Player the Game was for?

@shwabbie welcome to the community

Suggested dB structure:

Name (text)

Title (text)

Title (text)
Season (season)
Players (list of players)

The above establishes the necessary relationships between objects (data types) to find what you are looking for in searches and expressions