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Repeating group data not showing up due to advanced filter

I have a repeating group for physicians with a single assigned clinic each.
Basically, the structure of the database goes like this:
Physician users fields

  • Name with field type text
  • Specialty with field type text
  • dr-clinic with field type Clinic
  • etc.

While Clinic has fields:

  • Region with field type text
  • City with field type text

I also have input boxes that filter physicians according to their clinic’s region and/or city.
The problem is, upon adding constraints in the repeating group, dr-clinic does not have any option for “city” or “region”, as shown in the screenshot below:

I tried the solution from this link

the problem is, upon adding the advanced filter, the repeating group now shows an empty list, despite ignoring empty constraints:

I tried waiting because I’ve read that advanced filters take time to load, but I’d waited at least 15 mins. already and nothing still shows up.

No answer? Anyone?

They way your filter is set up, it will only find if the input is EXACTLY the region’s name… (including capital letters)
If you want to match any search you should create a new state “input Region search”, set up a workflow → Every time Input Region’s value changed → set state input Region search → Input Region’s value:lowercase

Then try adding 2 filters:
first filter
This user’s dr-clinic’s Region:lowercase CONTAINS state input Region search

and the second filter you do the same, but for the City…

(Another solution is working with Search Boxes, but I’m not that used using them to help you)

Another way, you can instead of using “inputs” to search the Regions and Cities,
You can set Dropdown elements → show Dynamic options (Search for Clinics’s Regions) → then you can set up the filter for ‘Advanced: This user’s clinic is Dropdown’s value’ (ignore empty constrains)

This worked! Thank you very much!