Repeating group data

Hi everyone any help would be appreciated

I have profiles where people can save their location under location.
Initial content; current users location profile
Content format; address

this saves and works fine eg; if you type Gold Coast it will save as Gold Coast,Qld, Australia
that’s no problem that works fine.

I have seperate pages for each city location and on each page is a repeating group
eg; GC,Brisbane,Sydney etc.

the question I have is…how do I, or can I have this profile show up in a repeating group on that particular page only showing only the relevant profiles…can I connect there input to the search of the repeating group?? I have tried numerous things but still can’t seem to get the repeating group to show any profiles and when I do, it shows everyone not just the profiles with that city under location.

Any help would be amazing.
FYI, each repeating group on each page also searchers for those that are live & that works fine. its trying to have the right profiles show up in the right city’s that is killing me.

Again thank you all in advance

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