Repeating Group- Date Sorting

I’m stuck at an essential piece of my app and would really appreciate guidance.

I’m creating a budgeting app and it has a data type called Transactions.
I have a page where users can create new/ recurring transactions.

On this page I have a repeating group that combines transactions already saved to the database and the transaction the user is currently creating. This repeating group needs to show the date, name and amount of each transaction.

I’m trying to get this repeating group to sort by date order. Here’s what I’ve tried:

  • Using Date as the type of content. This way pulls from the database “each transactions date”. Merged with my “list of dates” from the transaction on that page. My issue here is if there’s multiple of the same date. (I’m using List Shifter -concatenate so the duplicate dates are reflecting correctly. I just don’t know how to get the name and amounts to correctly show on each date)

  • Using Text as the type of content. This was pulls each transactions Unique ID merged with my “list of dates” as UNIX text. This method allows me to know all the dates, names and amounts are correct but I can’t sort by date.

** I do not want to save this page transaction to the database at this point. The user needs to see the date sorted repeating group above before saving to database.**

Thank you for reading this far and I appreciate your help!


This works very well for me. All you have to do is have your dates in front (in each item of text) and it will sort accordingly.

For me each text item in the list looks something like this:


I use | as a separator


Thank you very much for your response! I’m trying to practically see how to apply this same logic on my app. Can you send me a screenshot of how it looks on yours? I’ll share some pictures of how mine is currently setup for reference.

Here’s the repeating group: RG Combined

The date text searches for the transactions with current cells Unique ID.

I have conditional formatting setup if it’s not a transactions Unique ID then it will pull the info from the current page.

This way ensures I have all the info on this page accurately. I just can’t sort by date. Can you please let me know what your opinion is on how to implement the UNIX date to sort?

Thank you!