Repeating Group displaced after pressing enter

Hey guys,

I know some other people have had this issue, but when I press enter to submit text on my Repeating Group, it shifts and stays there until I refresh the page. BUT when I press the SEND button, it does not shift. Anyone have any ways to resolve this?

Additionally, when you click on a Pop Up, the screen shifts as well. When you close out of the pop up, the screen shifts back to its original position.

What browser are you using? Did it happen in others browsers?

I’m using Google Chrome with a macbook.

Edit: Still there.

I could not check the RG error because it needs to sign up.

I tried signup/login and “laahl” pop up on home screen, no shifting on Safari/osx

Hey Falco - can you can try logging in as me.

It’s with the chat interface (initiate a message and then go to the inbox)

Username: dylan
PW: dylan

Both seems ok.

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Huh - I guess it’s on my end. :unamused:

Did you ever find a cause or solution to this? I’m experiencing the same…