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Repeating group display based on creators plan

I have that displays 1 cell (1 row, 1 column). users can click skip to view the next item.
Users can create projects and all projects are displayed to all users using the RPG above

I would like users with free plan to have only one of their projects displayed in 24 hrs
while users with a paid plan would have 10 of their projects displayed in 24 hrs

My DB is structured thus:
User> Plan (Free or Paid)

what is the best way to achieving this?

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I can’t say for sure without experimenting, but

In the RG conditional
when current user’s plan contains freeplan,
data source is data search for projects(randam sorting) :first item.

How about this?
For paid plan users, use “:items until#”.

Thanks for the reply @makara .
This would have worked if i was restricting the current user viewing the project.
How every i am trying t restrict the creator of the project. for example if the creator has 4 projects. when the viewer (another user) take action on that project, it triggers a 24hr pause for a projects of that creator, so that the creators project will only appear again for other users after 24hr (which means 1 project displayed per day) for free users (creator).

for paid users, 4 projects would be4 displayed per day

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If it is, simply.
Create a field “read count” (type item) and
When page is loded, add the current item.
with the condition "when read count :count<1”
And then you make the RG data source a read count!

Then delete the read count every day in the schedule api workflow.

What do you think?

Had to watch a youtube video to implement it, your idea worked perfectly. i implement the count on the users plan timer which resets to its limit every 24hrs(daily limit). first triggered with signup button. Thanks @makara

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