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Repeating group displaying all events


I have a repeating group with 3 columns.
I want to dusplay only 3 columns = 3 results (I don’t want any scrollbar).
But what i see on screen is all the results and not the only 3.
How can i restrict the repeating group to only display 3 elements ?

Thanks for your help.


:items until #


Thanks a lot !!

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Check out my free tutorial on how to optimize the design of your RG. It covers how to remove the scroll bar, how to restrict the total size of the RG when showing a full list of items.

This can be helpful for you in the future.

Video not playing. Fyi

Hi Carlos

Thanks for the heads up…I made a quick video showing how the video is supposed to play and would love feedback from a user perspective about the UX of whether a video should be loaded and start playing on page load.

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Hi @boston85719 !

I was lured by the big play button on the large screen box for sure.

The player element looks like the videoJS advanced plugin from Paul @pork1977gm if I am not mistaken. That plugin allows you to remove the big play button (a recent and kind addition to it by Paul based on a request from … me! :grimacing:).

Perhaps a text message with a quick guiding phrase on the player may help. I am sure that Paul would consider adding this kind of functionality to his plugin (if it does not already have it which is likely).

Thanks for the feedback.

It is and he has been great at taking feature requests and implementing them. I recommend this to all my students as the video player plugin to use. I will look into using the feature you requested as it is something I’ve noticed. I was thinking about putting an image on load in it’s place, but perhaps an overlay on hover to show the message to click a video from the list to play.

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Hey @boston85719 !

Just pop the URL for the intro video in here and that will be your default video which will make that Big Play Button work when user’s hit the page. I must admit, my eye was even drawn to that play button when I first loaded the page.


If you don’t want a default URL in there, I suppose you could make that first item in the RG glow or something when it’s clicked. I can make an event trigger when the play button clicked and no video is loaded if that helps?


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That would be an awesome addition. Could end up with that workflow sending the intro video value to be played without needing it to be a default video OR even allow for tracking of the videos last watched and load a video at it’s previous ending point.

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