Repeating group displaying items (issue)

Hello all,

I have a repeating group that is a list of items (A). Item A is set to a child (list) of parent B. The page is type thing of Parent B. When displaying items in the repeating group I have it set to current page’s (B) list of items A.

The problem is not all of the items display. They are shown in the database as belonging to parent B.

I have no problem searching for item A’s parent - unique id. But then I have to set the page to unique ID and I would like it to display the name of B for the slug.

I guess my question is, are there known issues with my method of page’s list of items when displaying item’s in the database?

Update, my items (A) are being generated through an API call. When i view the page (B) is when they do not show, even after refreshing. If I wait until the api call is finished the items all show on page (B).

Thank you and sorry for the confusing post. Appreciate any responses!

Some images if this helps?

Repeating group:

Backend Workflow: