Repeating Group - Displaying lists for auction


I’m developing an auction application where users can bid for an item. Users should be able to submit a bid price and also submit the quantity of the item they want to purchase (different from usual auction sites).

I need to be able to show in a repeating group what the current bids are, their quantity, and by who (in descending order). I’ve structured the data so that bids are a list of numbers (and I’m pulling through the max value to show the highest bid), bidders (list of users). The issue is I can’t pull the necessary data through to the repeating group because they are lists.

Is there a way for me to pull through the bid price, quantity and bidder in a repeating group? If so, how can i do this?


Found a solution!

For ‘Assets’ listed for auction keep the data field: ‘bids’ (list of numbers)

New Data type: Asset Bid
New Data fields:

  • Bid Price
  • Bid Quantity
  • Bid value = bid quantity value * Bid price value
  • Asset = Current page’s Asset (or item for other use cases)

This above information is created upon a bid submission. The Bid price value is also added to the ‘Bids’ Data field list. This is used to find the ‘Bids:max’ to show the highest current bid.

Then use a repeating group. Search for ‘Asset Bid’, conditions: ‘Asset’ = current page asset. Sort by Bid Price: Descending (to get the highest bid at the top).

You can then also have columns for the quantity and bidder associated with each bid.

Hope this helps someone else!

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