Repeating group doesn't contract

I’m trying to create a seamless navigation for my search page with a lot of trouble on Bubble. I’ve tried several things and now am trying a floating group pinned to the top of my search page with a horizontal repeating group inside that lists all categories. Now the issue is that I have no good way to show subcategories.

Right now, I have a repeating group subcategories inside each category cell which is not visible on page load and only visible when icon ‘down arrow’ is clicked. This seems to work ok actually, but the category repeating group becomes very large to accomodate the subcategories repeating group. Even when I add in a workflow to close subcategory repeating group if icon ‘down arrow’ is clicked again, the subcat group goes away, but the main cat repeating group remains expanded.
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Is there any way to contract the cat repeating group group based on what elements inside are visible? Or, is there a better way to handle navigation if I need both categories and subcategories to change my repeating group list search results?

Thank you!!

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