Repeating Group + dynamic field name for reusable field inputs?

Hey folks,

I just created my first edit page for a Thing (Contact), which has a bunch of fields: phone, email, title, company, etc.

I have an inline edit function where you can click to edit any field - and there’s quite a bit of UI (groups, labels, a lock icon) and logic (enabling / disabling the input field, submitting the value, toggling). I want to be able to reuse as much of this as possible and not have to duplicate the UI component and the workflows for each individual field.

Is there a way to specify “Current Person’s {evaluate value rather than picking from dropown in the UI}”? I’ve created a Configuration data type with field names (phone, email, etc.) that I’m able to pass thru to the component… but now what?

If I have to copy a dozen components and workflows and rename every single one I’m gonna get carpal tunnel - any help appreciated! Btw, I’ve looked at the Toolbox plugin but can’t find docs anywhere so it hasn’t been that helpful.