Repeating group element positioning

is there a formula to change an element in a repeating group to another one?

for instance , you have the repeating group grabbing some
database: “list of Shoes”
each user has 1 shoes

if the current user click on a existing shoes in the repeating , his shoes take the position of the shoes showing in the repeating group.

Hi there, @yaokan99… I don’t necessarily understand your question, but in general, yes, you can “replace” an element with a different element by having both elements on the page and setting their visibility with conditions. For example, when an element is clicked, you could set a custom state to a particular value, and you could have another element that has a condition on it to make it visible when the custom state’s value is the value you set.

If this response isn’t helpful, consider sharing some screenshots so it is easier to understand what you are actually trying to do.


the answers is not really helpful.

in other world, how to write a workflow to change position of element in a repeating group

the element is showing at 10th place, i want to make it at 2nd place thru a workflow

You misspelled “thank you”.

You can’t do that.

sorry @mikeloc, and thank you for your answer.

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