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Repeating group filter : OR logic

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble adding an OR logic to the filter of my repeating group.

In a repeating group, I am trying to show profiles of people which gender (sex) = the current users’s preference (partenaire) OR are of the sex : Non-binary
ie : Non-binary cannot be selected in the preference, only Male and Female can
ie : Non-binary are shown to everyone

Additionally, I want to show the profile of people who’s preferences (partenaire) are the current user’s gender (sex) OR who’s preferences are EVERYONE
ie. I want to make sure that if a male like a male, he will see only male who likes male (and not women) and male who like everyone.

In the hope that what I am trying to achieve here is clear enough.
Many thanks in advance !

You’ll need to set up two separate searches – one for men who like men and one for men who like everyone – and then use the :merged with operator to combine the two lists. :slight_smile:

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Hi Eve,
thanks a lot, I didn’t know about the :merged option.
However, I am still blocked as I am not able to enter a manually EVERYONE or NON-BINARY in while selecting the filter Sex or Partenaire.
How can I add Partenaire = EVERYONE ?

Many thanks,