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Repeating group filter : OR logic

Hi everyone,

I am having trouble adding an OR logic to the filter of my repeating group.

In a repeating group, I am trying to show profiles of people which gender (sex) = the current users’s preference (partenaire) OR are of the sex : Non-binary
ie : Non-binary cannot be selected in the preference, only Male and Female can
ie : Non-binary are shown to everyone

Additionally, I want to show the profile of people who’s preferences (partenaire) are the current user’s gender (sex) OR who’s preferences are EVERYONE
ie. I want to make sure that if a male like a male, he will see only male who likes male (and not women) and male who like everyone.

In the hope that what I am trying to achieve here is clear enough.
Many thanks in advance !

You’ll need to set up two separate searches – one for men who like men and one for men who like everyone – and then use the :merged with operator to combine the two lists. :slight_smile:

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Hi Eve,
thanks a lot, I didn’t know about the :merged option.
However, I am still blocked as I am not able to enter a manually EVERYONE or NON-BINARY in while selecting the filter Sex or Partenaire.
How can I add Partenaire = EVERYONE ?

Many thanks,

Updating with the solution here if some are wondering :
In order to manually input a SPECIFIC TEXT in the List filter (picture above) you have to press the BACKSPACE button once, then you are able to input any TEXT you like.
If you do not press the backspace button, you will not be allowed to do so.
It’s weird, but it works !

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