Repeating Group Filtering - Sorting option stops working

I have a repeating group with cases - it is filtered by status - which is set from a custom state - status. It is also sorted by due date and and can be switched to % Priority on the right also using a custom set and conditional.

I want the user to be able to see only cases where they are assigned. I have a toggle switch to set the custom state of yes/no then a conditional to add a constraint so that assginees contains current user, however once that happens the RG can no longer be sorted by due date or % Priority.

What am I doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated

First I’d solve some of this using the “privacy” feature in bubble. (It’s also important…for privacy! :lock: )

I’d have a privacy rule that if you’re not assigned (and not admin) you can’t see other’s cases in searches.

Try adding a “sort by” % complete on your third picture. If that does not work, change the “filter” on the conditional to a new “do a search for”. (It might not be as perfect, but it would solve the issue quickly for you to come up with a better filter option that works.)

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