Repeating group full list with scrollable lines horizontally

Hey, how can I make repeating group full list with scrollable horizontally rows (for each lines horizontally)?
Even if I want to add more columns in this repreating group I can’t because I don’t have space (all pages in my app had as width 1200 and if I make this repeating bigger then 1200 I thought that this repeating group rows will be scrollable but it’s not and I can’t see the columns that I add)

Some one can explain to me what should I do?

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You can set that page to 2000 px, then it will be ‘scrollable’ to the right. You can place an icon to let the user knows there’s more, like some ‘report page’ that need larger screen. It work fine that way.

thanks but I don’t want to scroll the whole page I want to scroll the single row of the repeating group

This was a problem I had that I never got solved, unfortunately. There may be some way to do it with custom CSS or Javascript, but I wish there was a way to do it without code. None that I’ve found so far.

I didn’t find a way where I can develop my own css for repeating group

You can use the CSS Tools plugin, then target that specific element with your custom CSS

So how can I make it with css tools plugin

As I mentioned in my above post, I never got it to work. I’m merely speculating that it’s possible with custom code, but I don’t know what that would look like.

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