Repeating group getting stuck while scrolling

I have a mobile app that has a repeating group which has its height set to 100% so that it can grow based on the amount of data being displayed.

When I scroll through the repeating group it gets stuck and won’t scroll past a certain point.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and how to fix it so that it scrolls smoothly?

Maybe it has fixed number of row ticked. Please untick that. You can share the screenshot of your repeating group.

I have unlimited rows selected.

here’s a screen recording of it sticking

It looks like it is retrieving data when you are scrolling. It gives a pause first but then shows the data while going up or down. Don’t know why. It’s taking time to display the data that are already retrieved. May be someone will come up with a solution.

I see what you mean but I don’t think its retrieving data slowly. It also gets stuck when I’m scrolling back up to the top of the RG. If I gently scroll through it, it doesn’t stick.

So It seems like it has to do with how fast I’m scrolling though it.

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Hi @cohereandnow !

I’m having the same issue with my app, did you end up finding a solution?

Unfortunately no. I reached out to Bubble support and they weren’t much help since they “couldn’t reproduce the issue”. Maybe if we both reach out again they may prioritize finding the issue.

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Also finding this. Even if I’m not scrolling at a particularly fast speed I’m getting empty data tiles at the bottom of the RG. If you find a solution or get feedback from the support team, please share.

They didn’t help. If you reach out to them about it they may notice its an issue with multiple people and prioritize finding the issue.

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I am also getting this issue.