Repeating group hidden cells do not collapse

Hello everyone
I have been dealing with this issue for two days now to no avail …
I have a repeating group that displays certain dates like a calendar but in button format , i applied constraint to make some invisible if the conditions are met .
Now the issue is that the cells do not collapse and i get something like this :

But my end goal is to have something like this :

I tried everything but nothing seems to work , if anyone has any idea how to make this happen that would be awesome ! thank you

I personally don’t know how you have the setup that you provided a screen shot of. It doesn’t make too much sense to me as I see it odd that all Saturdays are not vertically aligned as expected in most calendars.

No matter what, the desired look for all Saturdays to be horizontally aligned when no other days of the week are available will be akward once there is a Monday also available.

Is there a reason that a traditional calendar view is not appropriate for your app? One in which you simply make the dates that are not available a different color; most calendars make them a light grey to indicate not available or perhaps a large X.

I actually have that fully working ! with a classic calendar and everything .
I just needed something for a small feature only for mobile and i thought i’d go this route but it seems like it wasn’t such a fancy one to begin with … lol

seems like this is not a functionality that can be done on bubble for some weird reason …

Would you mind either giving us a screenshot of how you structured your RG or a read only link of your editor?

Have you checked the “Collapse when hidden” option? If you want things to collapse when they are not visible you need that checkbox checked.

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@ntabs I scraped the idea and just use my existing calendar design after all !

@ihsanzainal84 , yes sir , everything is as it should be ! this seems to be an issue for many others , i spent quite the time on the forum and there are issues opened for a couple of years with no resolution lol

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