Repeating Group / Image Questions

I’m new to using Bubble and am developing a free application for personal use to get familiar with it. The application is designed for private travel planning and documenting experiences in one place.

Here’s the user flow for my app:

  1. Choose a title for the day.
  2. Add activities, with each activity having fields for an image, title, and time.
  3. Select a time for each activity.
  4. Upload an image for each activity.

Question 1): About the repeating group feature in Bubble, which I’m using to display the user’s activities. What is the most efficient way to save the data from a repeating group into a single database record? This is so I can create and display a ‘History’ section to view past travels.

Question 2): in regard to the image uploading. i’m trying to Figure out a free way to resize the images to the shape of the element. i have used Imgix to resize but its not working to resize. i might be missing somthing

For q1) When you say efficient what do you mean? if there are huge records under each entry for the user activities, then we can consider different approaches like instead of 1->Many, Many->1 relation settings between various data fields to retrieve the data (for example comments fields)

For q2) imgix has lots of setting, there are few threads in the forum discussing issue/solutions using the imgix, you check that.