Repeating Group in a Repeating Group

Hi folks

I try to design a quite challenging overview with a RG (maybe I need RG within a RG). I have two data types “user” and “conversations”. A logged in user can see on a dashboard what conversations his system (third party system) had with his customers. The data for data type “conversations” comes from a third party application and is posted in to the bubble data type.

The structure of the data type “conversations” looks like this:

The data type “user” has a custom data field to match conversation entries to the user. See here:

The dashboard from the user looks like this:

The tricky thing is. I need quite some conditions to make this possible.My guess is that I need a RG in RG. But I already fail in just displaying the “customer id” per session as I only want to display the “customer id” once per session (but session can have multiple entries but always with the same customer ID). Maybe someone can give me hint on how to master this. I would also be happy if you can tell me that this is possible with the current data structure in type “conversations”

Appreciate your help

Did you find some workaround for this?