Repeating Group Infinitely Repeating the Same Displayed Data


I’m trying to display a repeating group that contains names of projects created by a particular user, but I keep getting only an infinite repetition of the first or last project name, depending on which I ask for. What am I doing wrong? Below is a screenshot of the cell in the repeating group and a shot of the infinitely repeating output in preview.

Has anyone ever run into and solved this before?

Here’s the screenshot of the repeating group’s design dialog box:

And here’s a shot of the infinitely repeating output display:

The “Project Name Link’s Project Name” element is put that way because the Project Name is a different data type than the data to be sent forward when the cell is clicked to the project hub page, if that makes sense.

The ultimate goal is to send the user forward to a page where they can edit the project they clicked on on this page.

Greatly appreciate any advice you have!


Hi there, @paul36… I don’t understand most of what is going on in your post, but you are almost certainly going about this task the wrong way. If you are trying to show the names of projects created by a particular user (the current user?) in a repeating group, you simply need the repeating group to have a data source of a search for projects with a constraint on the search where the Created by field equals the particular user. Then, a text element in the repeating group would display the current cell’s project’s name.

If you then want the user to be able to click on a project’s name and go to a page where they can edit the project, you would do that by sending the current cell’s project to the edit page.

Hope this helps.


Oh my god, you’re a genius, and/or I’m an idiot. (But you’re definitely a genius.)

That worked instantly.

I’ve been wrapped around the axel on this all day. Thanks so much, Mike! Moving forward to the edit page (which will hopefully be much simpler.)

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Hey Mike, I’ve got another question now I’m hoping you can help with. Now that I’ve linked the Project name to the repeating group, I can seem to get to populate the “linked project name” field to the project name in the other data type. Whenever I try to point it to the “Project Name” under the current user, the 'Create a new thing" input is red. that’s even thought the user will have given the project name in the “Project/Client Inputs” type long ago. Can you tell by looking at the below screenshot why that might be the case and what I’m doing wrong here?

Here’s the screenshot:

The Field “Project Name Link” is a field within “Creative Outputs” that is of type “Project/Client Inputs” to establish a relation between the two data types so I can associate the correct creative job with the current creative output.

Thanks so much for any thoughts you have!