Repeating group input radios from Airtable

Hey there, I’m trying to have a repeating group with a dynamic radio to allow the user to select between two choices.

The choices are coming from an Airtable like so:

I need each row of the Airtable to be in Bubble’s repeating group to show the away or home team as a radio. For instance, in row 1 a user can choose Celtics or Sixers, row 2 a user can choose Suns Heat, and so on.

Any suggestions?

Hey @gehrig,

Off the top of my head, I think you might want to use Merged With on two queries for the Choices Source.

The first query would be for Away Team. The second query would be for Home Team. Put Merged With in between them and it should give you a list of both for each row.

So, right at where it says (more) in your image, add Merged With. Then after that, do Current cell’s Table 1’s Home Team.

Haven’t tested this, but I think that’s what I would try.


Thanks for the suggestions, @ALB. That got me closer, I think. I now have both away and home teams, but I need them separated out by each row. :thinking:

Looks to me like you need to be using “Current cell” like you had in your first image, not “Airtable: Table” like you’re doing now.