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Repeating Group inside/bordered Group

Dear Bubblers, I urgently need your help as usual!

I’ve spent almost three days figuring out the problem. I have a Repeating Group with Group inside. This repeating group pulls data from external API and this repeating group is quite long.

I want to border this repeating group somehow that my page does not get bigger. I tried to put it inside a group but group height doesn’t change dynamically when the
window size is changing.

As always, I hope to get you help, guys!


Just change the layout style of the RG to “vertical scrolling”

Dear Paul,

If I use “vertical scrolling”, I have this kind of problem - RG do not cover the full page but it is scrollable.

What I want to get is this: full page scrollable repeating group without way to enlarge the whole page heigth

Meaning you want the repeating group to dynamically change it’s height based on the page height so it always takes up the full page?

Yes, I want to RG change its height depending on the viewport (window size) but do not exceed 380x712, for example.

My page height is 380x712 and I want it to always be that size. If I use “Ext vertical scrolling" in RG, my page becomes 380x10000. I always want to be in 380x712.

So, I need to somehow border the RG but do not lose the possibility to scroll the RG.

You are now getting into the realm of trying to vertically change group heights based on page height. There is no good answer to this. I have done a lot of searching on this myself. There are a bunch of threads each with different workaround approaches. Here’s one example

the best I have found is this paid zeroqode plugin

Thanks, Paul! That plugin from Zeroqode is quite nice but for some reason it shows only two elements from my repeating group except all of them :grinning:

Sorry but I don’t know what you mean. It only shows two elements from your RG except all of them? I don’t know what that means.

Sorry for that mess. What I wanted to say is the following.
I’ve used Dynamic Height & Width of Elements Plugin that you proposed to set the dynamic size (height) of my RG. RG has 20 items inside.

I’ve put layout style as “vertical scrolling”. I’ve expected that RG will show all 20 items as I scroll. Unfortunately, after the plugin is implemented, RG shows only 2 items out of 20.

Can you send screenshots of your full page showing the RG, the settings of the RG and the settings of the dynamic height element?

For RG the ID “sh*t” is assigned. Sorry for that :slight_smile:

Is item 2 cut off or is it just much smaller than item 1?

Also, where haver you placed your dynamic height element? You have it ticked that it is in a repeating group.

I am definitely not an expert with this plugin but what I would be doing is just playing around with all of the settings and figuring out what has what effect (i.e the number of rows, change from viewport to the other option (I blanking on what it is. Something like page height or screen size)).

My guess is that the correct setup would be that your dynamic height element is just somewhere on the page (not in any group) and your repeating group is inside a group. That normal group’s height is then controlled by the dynamic height element which therefore limits the height of the repeating group