Repeating Group is not stable

The developer of this plugin has been very helpful but I suspect that I have an error that is not in his control.
Intermittently the calendar doesn’t load correctly and looking at the console in developer mode on either Chrome or Edge shows the error shown in the screenshots below.
Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Mark.

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Have you tried loading either item with static data instead of dynamic? Is that an option potentially?

Also, have to tried doing g the RG on a page by itself to see if you can make the logic work?

I used Option Sets which appeared to do exactly what happens since switching to dynamic.
I’ll test using static as well but, like all employees, Groomers will come and go for various reasons so I am using the employee name as the dynamic data source. I can’t see how static would work for us even if we said Groomer01 … Groomer11 they would have to remember who’s who which wouldn’t work.

I’ll test on a page by itself later today.

How did this work out mark?

Have you carefully checked out all the examples I’ve shared for setting up calendars? And can you pinpoint what breaks the calendar? I know you indicate sometimes it works and sometimes not.

Or were you able to get the table running stable?

Hi Jared
It’s my Monday and I’m starting work on figuring this out.
It’s your Sunday … so enjoy.
I’ll post any update as I make progress.
Cheers, Mark.


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