Repeating Group is not WYSIWYG

I am using a repeating group to visualize data as a gallery. This is what it looks like in the editor.

And this is the result in the preview. As you can see, the text box is now suddenly under the image.

Everything I have tried so far, does not turn out as it shows in the editor. Except if I place the description before the image, it just works fine.

Also setting the property “Cut off content if the element is not tall enough” on the description text box does not have any effect on the result.

Try putting the text and the image in a group. You can then change the responsive settings to ensure it stays side by side (minimum width on the group for example).

Thanks for the fast response.

Yes! That solved the issue eventually. I had tried this before but it didn’t work for some reason. I also noticed that I can’t expand the group inside the cell all the way to the border of the cell, there has to be some room, then it just works fine.

Thank you.

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