Repeating Group Issues > broken randomly?

Anyone else seeing their repeating groups break on test and live?

App has become unusable.

Showing a black screen with nothing else loading all of a sudden. We pushed live a few hours ago and everything was working as normal.

Hi @hi.luisacosta,

Is the data from your repeating group coming from your Bubble database or an API? Also, have you submitted a bug report?

Hey @johnny thanks for the quick reply,

The data is coming from the DB. This is happening on multiple pages even where I’m using the API.

I have not we were looking for the bug submission link so thank you! Will submit now.

Hi @hi.luisacosta,

Did you recently add a plugin that might be causing this?

Yes, I noticed that there was a plugin console mention about a plugin but it just gave me an ID not a name.

I think we’re just using LiftShifter on the pages mentioned.

Is the problem resolved when the plugin is removed? If so, I’d revert the plugin version to the version before because perhaps a new update was made with it causing it to break, then reporting it to the plugin author.

We have a multi page app so would a plugin on one page be affecting a different page? Don’t want to delete the listshifter plugin just yet unless that’s really the source.

is there a way to know if list shifter is throwing an error? Bubble and Chrome have had updates recently. Not sure if that matters.

Hmm… my recommendation would to wait for Bubble support to investigate if you don’t believe a recent plugin you added is affecting this.

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appreciate the help @johnny !

Quick note: the page with the plugin works fine :rofl: the pages without are looking broken… loll Let’s see what happens!

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I seem to be experiencing the same random issue. I’ve made no changes to the app today and all of sudden half of the repeating groups across the site are not working, but some still are.

Of course, as soon as I post about it…it magically started working again soooo yea. Ignore me =)

same thing for me, the live application behaves strangely and some customers give me feedback about faulty features but not the same for everyone.
On my side, this morning API call that no longer goes through and delays…
I specify that all the worries seem to be caused by the RG.
Cordialy antoine.

Got a response from Bubble that the engineering team deployed something that caused this issue we experienced. All is well now!


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