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Repeating group items count (both ways)

Having this repeating grow, horizontal, 1x1 - where posts are shown.

Just under the RG, there is an indicator to “SCROLL” (when post:count >1) is shown.

What would be an equation to add count number of posts “before” the scroll, and same for how many are “left” after the scroll.


3 < SCROLL > 3
(Having three posts left, and three posts right to scroll)

Hey conesult,

you need work a little different here. The basic repeatinggroup functionality can help you here. However, the settings must be different to “Fixed number of cells”. In your case it’s one.

Then you can select the current page number (the current number you are looking at), this would be your first number before the scroll I guess. If not it would be current number - minus one.
The total number can also be taken from the repeating group.

I made a very simple example for you to understand. I do have a list of things (6 things) I will only show at a time. I do have two buttons. One shows me the next thing, one shows me the previous thing.

Settings repeating group

Text showing your current number:


Text showing you total number:


Button for Next and previous

I think this helps you going forward.

Many greetings.


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Thank you Sarah!

Glad it helped.

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