Repeating group layout: push elements when adding a single row based on user input

I’m trying to let users add n rules when creating a record, almost exactly like the screenshot mentioned in this other post.

However, I can’t figure out how to make the repeating group layout behave normally. When clicking the “add row” button, the new row makes the repeating group scroll like it’s in an iframe style window. I’ve tried every other combination of row number and layout options I can think of and can’t get it to work. If it’s full list or extended vertical scrolling, it just populates a huge number of rows in the repeating group.

What I would expect to happen (borrowing the screenshot from @john6’s post) is that when “Add row” is pressed, a single new row is added at the bottom and the button would get pushed down by the equivalent of one row. Any ideas?

For the Layout Style associated with the repeating group, it sounds like you have it set to vertical scrolling. Instead, set this up as full list.

As well, to ensure the new item adds at the bottom, be sure that the sort by setting on the the Data Source is set up properly. (Ie. Sort by Created Date; set Descending = no)

Okay thanks. That did it!

Glad it worked! Be sure to mark the post as solved.

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