Repeating Group Limit 25?


I am making a sports scores app and I have all the information for college football but it seems my repeating group doesn’t display all of the scores.

Is there a cap on the repeating group at 25?

My RG only has 25 matchups and that’s it!


Hi there, @reidbrown23… a repeating group definitely does not have a cap of 25 items. How many items is it supposed to be showing? Do you have any privacy rules set up that might be getting in the way? Can you share a screenshot of the setup of the repeating group?


I don’t think there are any privacy rules setup. I’m not sure on the number it is supposed to be showing but I do know that there are some games not showing!

It couldn’t hurt to try checking the Show all items immediately checkbox, but if you don’t even know how many items are supposed to be showing, it’ll be kind of hard for anyone to help. Maybe check the debugger to see if it can give you some idea as to why only 25 items are being shown… or maybe it has something to do with any one of those 255 issues your app has… might wanna fix those. :wink:


There were 80 college football games today so it should be 80.

Those errors are unrelated haha. I deleted the other API’s I had and the items on my page that used those API’s are the errors.

I tried the show immediately and it didn’t fix it!


Maybe your APi call is set up to only return 25 results?

How many results are returned in the call when you initialize it in the API connector?


All items are returned when I run the call in the API Connector!


I am on the free version of bubble. Does that change anything?

Nope, it shouldn’t do…

It’s going to be a bit hard to diagnose this without having a deeper look at your set-up, so feel free to share a link to your editor…

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Wait, now I’m really confused… you can’t use the API connector on the free version of Bubble… what am I missing here?

I was just asking if it was limited on the free version!

Having looked into you editor, and recreated the same API calls I don’t see any issue here…

What makes you think there were more than 25 events on that day?..

I’ve made the same APi call and there are only 25 events on the 10th September… why do you think that’s wrong?