Repeating group, lists, DB oh my

Hey there @romanmg @NigelG et al.

I’m stumped. Anyone know how to do this?

Anyone know a way to inject a DB’s single-item list-of-things into a state, such that I can populate a repeating group from the state based list?

I can write the DB-list-o-things into a state, but it doesn’t present as a list… (the count is one… Compare this to client side lists of text saved in a state… They give a count of 1+ and nicely populate a repeating group.)

Can this be done without an ugly-iterative-regex-slice-n-dice type operation?

Gaby? Nigel? Anyone?



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You should be able to set the state type to the data type and check “list”. When you set the state, it should accept the list value of a single item’s list field. For example:


  • Accounts (Account)


  • Name
  • Description

Set state of some element… the state’s value is Account, and is a list > value = current user’s Accounts.

Does this not work for you? Do you have a link to share?

Hey Gaby!

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Thanks for the input! I think it’s figured out… I’ve been running scads of permutation experiments to figure this out… Thanks for the good tips :slight_smile:
I feel I owe you :slight_smile:

Are there any things that are stumping you? (I’m guessing prolly not).

Anyways, if you have something you’re cooking that seems impossible-ish, throw it my way. I figure your kindness saved me some time.

Thanks a lot.
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Here’s my goofy idea of the day Gaby!

ps. Perhaps someone should create a bubble certification program/Bubble association… Not necessarily to train folks, but at least to create a curriculum that would help Bubblers to follow a straight and narrowish path… Andrew and others have created training programs… I think an association of such a flavor could encourage people to ingest the programs out there
(including your business) by setting milestones of accomplishment. (a section of my life has been in building non-trivial systems/Curricula)