Repeating group not displaying list items


I am developing a list to display all “Organizations” a user is a member of. However, the repeating group is not displaying the list items. The background of the group shows, so I know it is unhiding the container, but there is no list (as seen below)

My database privacy is set so that all default configurations in use right now, Administrator and Owner roles have full access to the data and auto-binding

The list itself is set to the correct Data type with the source being a search for Organizations with the Current User contained in the various member groups of the Organization

I then have the container/object that displays the individual list item, which I call the “Panel” and this is the item that is not displaying. The configuration for the “Panel” is as follows:

The next image is of what it should look like:

I double checked and made sure I added 1 test organization to the DB for my account and still no display for the list items. The only items not in the DB are the logo photo’s. So not too sure as to what is going on.

Hi there, I see 2 potential issues in your setup. Firstly, the search constraints work together, meaning unless an organization had the current user marked in every single one of those fields (Administrators, Associates, Employees, etc) it won’t work.

Secondly, try marking Ignore Empty Restraints. Especially when your constraints are dynamic, you’ll want this selected as it won’t worry about empty values.

For example, if you instead setup a list of checkboxes as filters above your repeating group, you can set your constraints to limit results to each checkbox’s value - but it’ll ignore the boxes left blank.

Finally, Id recommend for troubleshooting removing all constraints, marking Ignore Empty’ and seeing what shows up. Now build on top of that.

What if i create a data field list called members, where the DB access only allows access to the data needed for the list and all members get dropped into it. A complete members list, without the role/access designations. Then I set the org lists to the new parameter for the search to search Orgs > Members field contains Current User - Ignore Empty fields. Think that would be a sufficient fix? Then I could use that Members list field for other functions with employee/member management tools etc.