Repeating group not filtering properly

I’m setting up a job application database. There is a data type for Applicant, and a data type for Application which includes Applicant as a field. The application form includes fields to enter job history. Each “job history” entry is written to a Data Type called JobHistory which includes a field called Application that references the Application’s UniqueID. As job history details are entered, a repeating group exists on the form to list them. I’ve set the repeating group with a constraint to show only Job History entries where the field “Application” equals the Current Page’s application ID. However, the repeating group is listing ALL Job Histories for all applicants - I’d like for it to show only the Job History data for the current applicant as entered on the current application. Can anyone suggest how to fix the constraint filter to accomplish this? Thanks!

If you checked the “ignore empty constraints” checkbox then uncheck it. if this didn’t solve the problem then you need to share some screenshots of the data type and the constraints of the RG.

And in general it is better to store the Thing itself instead of its unique ID, I mean you can store the Application itself instead of its Unique ID in the Application field in the JobHistory Data Type.

Thank you for the suggestion. Although it wasn’t the issue - I did ultimately find it through additional searching. I had previously set a conditional to hide/show the list with parameters that conflicted with the initial data source filters. Problem solved!