Repeating group not showing everything

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Thought I had a good understanding of repeating groups, until this issue arose. :sweat_smile:

It’ll need a bit of context so, sorry for the long post.

I’ve got this app where data is pretty much like this :

So as you can see there’s this “Associated building” and “Managed buildings” thing, where the former would be one single building, whereas the latter is a list of buildings.

(That’s the case because some users are architect or any other construction professionals ; therefore they’d manage a number of buildings. Whereas some other users would simply be resident, being linked to one single building. In order to build some dashboard destined to the construction professionnals, I had to create this distinction - might not be the cleanest way :sweat_smile: )

Anyway, back to my problem: i’m trying to build a repeating group which would display a list of Users, using the following expression:

Do a search for Users, with the following condition: Managed buildings contains Current User’s Linked building.

… But the repeating group only displays the Users that have the Current User’s Linked Building as a Linked Building >>> Some professionnals that have Current User’s Linked Building contained in their Managed Buildings (while not having Current User’s Linked Building as a Linked Building) wouldn’t simply be shown.

But when I’m trying a single text formula to count them, they ARE counted !! Why wouldn’t they simply show up on the RG?

To anyone who read this infamous post, thank you.

Hi there, @nicolasrousseaux75… I hate to “dumb” your post down to two words, but… privacy rules? When it seems like there is no reason why something shouldn’t be working, I find that privacy rules are often the culprit, so it can’t hurt to check them, if you haven’t already.


That’s it mate!!!
Sounds really silly but I never had to create a User’s RG so never experienced the privacy rules things haha

Thanks a ton

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